Ensign Engineering, P.C. provides HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection engineering services. The scope of our projects range from simple engineering studies involving small facilities, to multi-million dollar industrial design projects, which require many years to complete.


The following highlights EEPC services:


Production and Delivery of MEP Design Contract Documents

(bid drawings and specifications)


Construction Phase Services

(shop drawings, inspections, punch lists, RFIs, change orders)


Field Engineering Services

(inspection, construction oversight, contract dispute and resolution)


Coordination with Public Utilities

(electric, water, waste, gas, telephone, etc.)


Technical Reports and Studies

(facility equipment engineering surveys, short circuit analysis, voltage drop analysis, ground testing, light testing, etc.)


LEED® Project Management

EEPC is able to provide project management support for a wide range of services to help projects meet LEED® requirements at whichever level of certification best suits our client's needs. We are well versed in the latest projects, strategies, news, and technologies.


Facility Management Support / Energy Reduction Consulting Services

EEPC  will work with your facilities' management team to identify, and implement, strategies to reduce the overall energy profile of your building, and create a healthier energy efficient environment for the space occupants.


Design Consultation and Technical Services

EEPC Green Building Consulting Service is a comprehensive, professional resource that will meet your unique consulting and technical needs, regardless of the type and scope of the project, or level of LEED® Certification that you are trying to attain.


Sustainable Design Reports, Studies, and Guidelines

Our team of engineers is able to survey existing buildings, or review new design projects, and produce any reports, studies, and guidelines that are applicable to introduce or emphasize sustainability to the design and operation of the projects.


Specification Assistance

Our engineers can help operation and design professionals specify a broad range of sustainable materials and equipment for use in design and currently operating buildings. We are able to integrate LEED® requirements into all of the project documentation in an effort to ensure compliance by Contractors.


Commissioning Authority (CxA)

Our Engineering staff will provide Commissioning Authority services that are required throughout a LEED project by providing secondary and QA/QC reviews of the design intent, design documents at each submittal phase, and during construction through the review of shop drawings and required performance based submittals.


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Instrumentation Design Services

Our green consulting services, combined with our mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and instrumentation design services can provide a complete package of high performance building systems in an effort to attain realistic goals in sustainability. Our twenty nine years of experience in these engineering disciplines ensures that our client will get the results that they require.


Building Energy Analysis

EEPC Engineering staff can provide Energy Modeling services using one of several programs at our disposal, depending on the scope of the project. Our modeling services can produce documentation required by the LEED® Certification process, or other documentation as requested by the client. The energy modeling may be utilized to optimize building designs, or system types and implementation strategies in order to maximize the value and minimize the energy consumption of the proposed project.