CiviL, Civil Inspection and construction Management


Ensign Engineering, PC is providing services in all five boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties for the following clients:

  1. New York City of Dept of Design and Construction

  2. New York City Dept of Environmental Protection

  3. New York City Police Department

    1. New York State Dept of Transportation
    2. Port Authority of NY & NY
  4. New York State Metropolitan Authority

EEPC provides civil engineering, design and construction inspection  services on commercial, industrial and public works projects. The scope of our projects range from simple engineering studies to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.  Since its inception in 1993 EEPC has provided construction management support services by providing the client with expert on-site engineering inspection and construction oversight personnel.


The following is a summary of EEPC Civil services:


Production and Delivery of Site Engineering Design Contract Documents

(bid drawings and specifications)


Construction Phase Services

(shop drawings, inspections, punch lists, RFIs, change orders)


Field Engineering Services

(inspection, construction oversight, contract dispute and resolution)


Traffic Surveys, Analysis, and Reports


Coordination with Public Utilities

(electric, water, waste, gas, telephone, etc.)


Sustainable Design Reports, Studies, and Guidelines

Our team of engineers is able to survey existing infrastructure or review new design projects, and produce any reports, studies, and guidelines that are applicable to introduce or emphasize sustainability to the design and operation of the projects.